Run step challenges that unite your team!

Boost employee wellness with our exciting Activity & Step Challenges. Compete, stay active, and achieve your fitness goals together!

Co-founder Zaheer
boost engagement & wellbeing

Challenges boost engagement, improvement & social connection

The numbers don't lie. Step challenges are a powerful tool to boost wellness and engagement initiatives by promoting healthy competition.


members engaged till the end


reported improved physical wellbeing


reported new peer connections at work


behaviour change through competition

Popular challenges

Team vs Team Challenges

Setup teams, let your employees pick which team to join or auto-assign! Teams can be of different sizes with our average/member scoring.

Screenshots of a Team Challenge experience on StepSetGo

Leaderboards & Group Goals

Run leaderboards where employees compete against each other to get the highest steps, or get everyone to hit a common goal together!

App Screenshots: Match Making Challenges

Virtual Marathons, Walkathons

Setup virtual walkathons & marathons with a race to the target distance in a specific time duration in the day!

Screenshots of a Virtual Marathon experience on StepSetGo

Run challenges based on

Steps Taken

Number of steps tracked through the duration of the challenge

Distance Moved

Distance covered through walking and other movement

Calories Burnt

Calories burnt through walking and/or any other exercise

Other activity

Active minutes, sleep tracked & pretty much anything we track

Sync steps through your phone or any fitness tracker on the market

We know carrying a phone while exercising is irritating. We've spent years making sure our tracking suite is seamless!

anti-fraud system

Keep the competition fair with "Trust Scores"

Our automated anti-fraud algorithms scan users' data daily for unexpected or unfair patterns to increase challenge scores. We also have safeguards in place to ensure that the competition remains fair.

Safeguards: Set daily caps on scores synced to a challenge

View trust scores of all challenge participants on the HR Admin

Automatic penalties levied on trust score drops

Improve team bonding & chemistry

Our group and team challenges contain various social features that enable members of your organisation to connect with their colleagues, strategise and have fun!

Group & Team Chat

Let participants chat with our in-app chat feature built-in to the challenge.

Challenge Feed

Participants can post to the challenge feed, react, comment and have fun!

Screenshots of the Mentor Group experience

Other features

Automated rewards

Dispense gift-cards, deals, certificates & other rewards automatically.

HR Dashboard

Get real-time visibility & control on challenge performance and deepdives.

Group & Team Chat

Let participants chat with our in-app chat feature built-in to the challenge.

Measure ROI

Work with our team and find correlations to the metrics beyond wellness.

So what are you waiting for?

Setup a challenge & watch your employee engagement SOAR!