Link Employee Health to Social Impact

Amplify the impact of your CSR budgets by linking employee health to social causes that you invest in!


Employees love it when you enable contribution to social causes!

Implementing CSR Challenges not only fosters a healthier workforce but also cultivates a sense of purpose and community, driving both individual and organizational success.


reported increase in motivation (PWC)


reported increased morale (Economic Times)


increase in job satisfaction (CII)


reported increased loyalty to organisation (SHRM)

how it works

Setting up a CSR Challenge for Social Good

Overview of CSR challenge tracking

Convert activity to social impact

Link a healthy behaviour tracked on StepSetGo to a social contribution. Eg: 1000 steps = 1 tree planted

App Screenshots of large group goal

Set a large goal to hit together

Motivate your employees to achieve a large & impactful goal together. For eg: Getting 1 Million steps to contribute 1000 meals to the less fortunate.

App Screenshot of shareable certificate

Celebrate achievements & impact

Reward individual contributions with personalised & shareable digital certificates that recognise & celebrate impact.


Boost employee motivation & engagement

Our completely automatic mobile app makes sure that employees can track their progress & impact in real-time, while also collaborating with others and viewing their contributions.

Showcase the Social Cause

Let your employees see the exact details of their contribution, the NGO running it and where their impact is going to end up.

View Collective Progress

Follow your company's progress towards reaching that large impactful milestone

Celebrate Top Contributors

Let people get motivated to be the highest contributors and drive each other on!

Fuel Conversations & Connection

In-app Chat and Feed let your employees post about their progress & motivate each other, while setting the stage for mutual appreciation of contribution and impact!

Trusted by the largest in the industry

I am overjoyed to share that I clocked more than 200KM in the "Run for Zero Hunger" challenge. Each step was not just a personal achievement but a meaningful contribution to the fight against hunger.

Deepak Garg

Employee, Vedanta

Boost employee motivation while changing the world for the better!

Talk to us about how we can best combine the effect of your CSR initiatives to employee health and happiness.