Engage, Uplift & Motivate

Holistic Wellness Platform

Deploy the full power of our ecosystem and ensure long term engagement and health outcomes. Motivate health with reward points, challenges and on-demand expert sessions.

Points System

Motivate daily healthy behaviour

Reward regular habits and goals with points that can be redeemed for rewards! Points can be earned by:

Physical Activity

Mental Wellness activities

Reading Health articles

Answering Quizzes

boost consistency

Deploy Solo Challenges that reward milestones

Attach rewards to individual accomplishments. Competitions majorly reward the top 20% of your organisation only!

Personalised goals based on member's activity level

Challenges for every wellness pursuit

Reward individual progress with points or other rewards

Solo challenge rewards experience
Screenshots of a Team Challenge experience on StepSetGo
Wellness Events

Run wellness events that engage all

Our team will sit with yours and come up with a storyline that aligns with your company values and objectives.

Group and team challenges

Themed leagues and competitions

Workshops & webinars from industry experts

wellness plans & coaching

Achieve healthier outcomes, reliably

Our team will sit with yours and come up with a storyline that aligns with your company values and objectives.

Health & Fitness Coaching

AI Diet & Exercise Plans

Health & Wellness content & quizzes

Biological Age

social features

Foster a community centered on wellness

Our community features aim to creating connections in your team for greater motivation and workplace happiness.

Member-created Challenges

Organisation Feed & Private Chat

Mentor Groups

match making system

Break organisational divides

Our match making system connects members of your organisation with each other based on similar wellness interests in friendly competition!

Matched by fitness interest

Kept fair by capability & fitness level

Connect through friendly competition & chat

App Screenshots: Match Making Challenges
App Screenshots: Gamification features - Achievements, Levels & Badges

Ensure lasting engagement through gamification

Our level system is super addictive, while our achievements motivate persistence! Badges are attached to challenge completion and can be customised.

Level System

Achievements System


Automated rewards

Dispense gift-cards, deals, certificates & other rewards automatically.

Centralised Benefits

Give a central navigation point to every benefit you offer your employees.

Gather feedback seamlessly

Run surveys and get feedback on how your wellness iniatives are doing.

Measure business ROI

Work with our team and find correlations to the metrics beyond wellness.


Get an overall picture of the health and improvement in your organisation.

Operational control

Manage members, view real-time progress and stats in challenges and behaviour.

In-App Communication

Send push notifications, announcements and show banners.

Heavily Customisable

Disable specific features, customised reward sets and point system rules.

Transform Your Workplace Wellness

Discover our innovative corporate wellness platform that promotes a happy and healthy workforce.