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Our Solutions


Step Challenges, Virtual Marathons & more...

Team vs Team, Leaderboards, Group Targets and 15+ more challenge types that bring your organisation together in the pursuit of health.

Group of employees competing in friendly competition
share impact

CSR Cause Branding

Run challenges where your team can exchange healthy behaviour for social impact!


Content & Quizzes

Deploy gamified quizzes and health & wellness content to drive awareness

Remote work from home employee happily chatting with team mates about their step challenge
connect & engage

Remote Work Solutions

Keep your remote workforce healthy, happy and connected.

Competitions that follow a customised theme and story - in this case the story of Christopher Columbus is attached to an organisation's health & wellness journey

Themed Leagues & Competitions

Run a league consisting of multiple challenge structures that follow a customised storyline to make it fun.


Holistic Wellness Program

A healthy mix of competitions, wellness events and a point system that rewards regular healthy behaviour. Our social & gamification features engage, connect and bring the team together.

A young exuberant female employee celebrating her points earned through hitting her sleep goals.
on demand

Workshops and webinars

Let the experts do the talking. Nutrition, sleep, longevity, financial wellness etc

on demand

Health & Fitness Coaching

Let our partner coaches drive impact through personalised plans.

Enterprise Offering

Our team works alongside yours to craft the perfect wellness experience.

We work with you to deploy custom, themed wellness programs that excite your team. It could be a single challenge/competition, or a series of challenges and events that span months.

Fully serviced, from start to end

We know you have a million other things to focus on.
We'll ideate with you, set up the perfect structure, and then manage the whole program end to end.

Completely customised to your needs

Our team is great at crafting compelling storylines, competitions and events that excite, invigorate and motivate. All while making sure, it's aligned to your vision and objectives.

Creatives, Content & Communication - on us!

Communication is the key to driving a successful wellness program. We take away the stress of having to coordinate with a design team, a comms team and a marketing team.

Priority Customer Support

Our support team is here to help with any questions and ensures a maximum response times of 3 hours (on working days) via email.

C-suite get chat and telephone support to ensure their queries are solved in minutes!

Measure return on investment (ROI)

Our comprehensive analytics suite gives you the pulse of how your team is doing, and our real-time dashboards keep control and visibility in your hands.

Additionally, our team works closely with yours to help drive correlations with your business metrics to assess actual measurable outcomes!

Our Mission

Fuelling happiness and health, the scientific way!

Our platform focuses on triggering the 4 neuro transmitters that are key to happiness.
Dopamine, Oxytocin, Seratonin and Endorphins.


Achievements, Badges & Levels ignite a rewarding chase. Each milestone triggers dopamine, fuelling a cycle of motivation, engagement, and joy in health endeavours.


Through competition and cooperation, challenges invigorate the workforce. The physical and mental engagement releases endorphins, reducing stress and elevating moods.

Man exults in happiness due to the triggering of all his neuro-transmitters by using StepSetGo - Dopamine, Oxytocin, Seratonin & Endorphons


Our company feed and peer rewards let your team share their triumphs and achievements, which amplifies oxytocin, fostering deeper workplace bonds and collaboration.


Each step tracked cultivates a sense of progress that nurtures serotonin levels, enhancing mood and bringing emotional balance to the workplace.

We know how to engage, motivate & reward.

We were the first platform in India to reward healthy behaviour.

Our expertise in health tracking and the power of gamification, community and rewards has helped us remain India's most engaging health app along our 5 year journey.




Rewards given


Health uplift

Screenshots of the StepSetGo App : Health Tracking, Challenges, Leaderboards, Community


4.4 stars on PlayStore


4.4 stars on PlayStore

An overview of our platform

Health Tracking, Community, Gamification, Challenges & Rewards

Daily Engagement

Health tracking: simple & automatic!

All you need is a phone. But we also support EVERY major fitness tracker and wearable, and that includes all the new-age Indian wearables as well.

Physical Activity

Nutrition & Hydration

Mental Wellness

Sleep, Heart Rate, Weight

Health Tracking screenshots showing steps, distance, calories tracked and various fitness trackers that are supported.
Screenshots of Social & Gamification features in StepSetGo - Feed, Chat, Achievements
Increase connections, break barriers

Social & Gamification features boost engagement.

A unified organisation feed, chat & competitions foster social connections. Badges, Achievements and Levels celebrate individual progress.

Feed & Chat system

Friends System

Achievements, Levels & Badges


Challenges connect and motivate!

Group Challenges fuel friendly competition

Team Challenges enable coordination, strategy and connection

Solo Challenges boost personal progress

Screenshots of Group Goal, Team and Solo Challenges
Screenshots of Rewards redeemable on StepSetGo

Rewards fuel delight and happiness.

Attach rewards to personal milestones, group contributions and rankings. Or motivate daily progress with our point system

Point System

Challenge rewards

Gift cards, deals, certificates, merch & more

Employees love us and so do their leaders

I enjoyed the walkathon challenge done by my organisation on StepSetGo. Everyone should be on this app!

Abhishek Pandey


I really enjoyed the company challenges. Walking became a daily habit and the SSG app is a milestone in my weight loss journey. Thank you so much Team SSG.

Parmesh Verma

Tata AIG

The challenges motivated me, connected me to others in the organisation, and I loved how it helped me reduce my day-to-day stress.

Sneha Patil


My fitness improved massively and I lost 9 kgs during the challenge! And all of it while contributing to a great cause :)

Prerna Shenoy


It's a great app to inculcate healthy habits. It motivated and helped me push every time to reach the target steps.

Shankar Muthuswamy


I am overjoyed to share that I clocked more than 200KM in the "Run for Zero Hunger" challenge. Each step was not just a personal achievement but a meaningful contribution to the fight against hunger.

Deepak Garg


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