Reward healthy behaviour at scale, seamlessly!

Our reward systems give you control & let you set up rewards that motivate each and every member.

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Reward Systems

Our reward systems are built to ensure that every meaningful step (see what we did there?) towards health is rewarded!

Screenshot of experience in earning and redeeming Reward Points
daily motivation

Points System rewards daily progress

Points are highly configurable and rewards daily milestones.

Earn points for daily progress and hitting goals.

Extra points for winning competitions, challenges and achievements.

Redeem points for rewards ranging from gift cards to deals & experiences.

Solo challenge rewards experience
individual rewards

Reward progress with Solo Challenges

Our solo challenges are built to motivate individual consistency. Goals can be personalised to make sure they're achievable.

Solo challenges give everyone a chance to win rewards.

Reward participants based on multiple mechanisms.

Attach points & other rewards to fuel motivation for every individual.

Solo challenge rewards experience
competition rewards

Reward victory in Group Challenges

Sprinkle rewards for hitting personal milestones, contribution to team scores and final rankings.

Fuel rewards through competition - the most effective motivation possible!

Reward by rank, team rank, score ranges and more!

Also boost social connections with challenge chat and feeds

Social Games rewards experience - Auction, Lowest Unique Bids, Lucky Draws & Raffles
Luck and skill-based rewards

Run social games to win free rewards

Our social games suite lets members use their points to try and win completely free products and experiences.

Auctions & Lowest Unique Bids pit members against each other using the power of their points to win.

Raffles & Lucky Draws are fun, luck-based games to win.

FitGames make members compete to get the highest score in simple hyper-casual games.

Screenshot of experience in earning and redeeming Reward PointsSolo challenge rewards experienceSolo challenge rewards experienceSocial Games rewards experience - Auction, Lowest Unique Bids, Lucky Draws & Raffles
Reward integrations

We ensure a consolidated reward experience

Our rewards program motivates employees to prioritize their health and wellness by offering a variety of incentives and perks. From gift cards to fitness equipment, our rewards will inspire your team to stay active and engaged.

10+ Reward Types

Deploy gift cards, certificates, deals  & more! Configure rewards and keep track of redemptions on the admin dashboard.

Integration with reward partners

We're obsessed with providing the best employee experience and are happy to integrate with any existing rewards and recognition/benefits partner.

Centralised Benefits

We understand that employee benefits can get a little scattered across vendors, EAPs and other partners. We're happy to link them all into one place for easy access.

Integrations with program partners

Already giving gym memberships, health-checkups and the like? We're happy to integrate with them and add them to the platform and reward experience

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