GRATIFY meaningfully

Gift your team the rewards they truly want

Deploy rewards of your choice that land at the correct moments, motivating each member for their progress and achievements!

top brands

Gift Cards

Amazon, Flipkart, Nike, Adidas and any brand that you can think of. You choose the denominations and we deliver it automatically through the platform.

Gift Cards - Amazon, Starbucks, Nike, Zomato, Puma, Decathlon, Uber, Flipkat

Deals & Experiences

Reward your team with deals and experiences without the headache of having to procure either.

Certificates & Medals

Custom digital certificates and physical medals that align with your program and objectives.

Get Company Merchandise including T-Shirts, Phone Covers, Water Bottles & mugs
elevate belonging

Company Swag

T-shirts, mugs, hoodies and the like -themed to your brand and design language.

Wellness Store

Healthy Snacks, Products & Subscriptions

Let your team use their hard-earned points to get the best prices. We handle the logistics and operations.

Healthy Snacks, Fitness Equipment, Wearables

Other reward ideas

Public Recognition

Congratulating publicly doesn't hurt the pocket, but goes a long way in ensuring happiness. Especially if it's from senior leadership.

Team Experiences

Employees love fun events with colleagues, promoting teamwork and expanding horizons through new activities.

Gym Memberships

This reward offers a gym subsidy or free access as a prize for participating in challenges, encouraging continuous use of the fitness membership.

Social Impact

A Harvard study shows employees prefer supporting causes over bonuses, allowing them to give back while pursuing a healthier lifestyle.

Time with Leadership

This prize motivates employees by offering interaction with company leadership, aiding personal and professional development.

Event Tickets

Employers can offer already-purchased tickets to events as health improvement rewards instead of distributing them on a first-come, first-served basis.

Paid Time Off

Allow employees to recharge and manage personal obligations, investing in their health and well-being through vacations and time with loved ones.

App Subscriptions

Provide premium access to nutrition and mindfulness apps, allowing employees to enjoy full benefits and investing the reward budget back into their health.

Transform Your Workplace Wellness

Discover our innovative corporate wellness platform that promotes a happy and healthy workforce.